Counter Intelligence, LLC offers the following services:


We use a polymer concrete, also known as resin concrete, to overlay existing concrete floors. This allows us to create decorative surfaces to resemble tile, stone, or even wood! Any style, pattern or color you can imagine can be overlayed. It’s durable, freeze/thaw resistant, attractive and long-lasting!

When selecting your floor, we will examine the current conditions of your existing concrete floor to determine the best option for your specific situation. We will discuss all the choices and styles available and help you decide what works best.

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We use a specially formulated blend of concrete to create beautiful countertops that can overlay existing countertop surfaces or newly fabricated to fit your exact needs in remodeling or new construction. All countertops are seamless and sealed with an epoxy and scratch-guard to create a layer of protection which will help your countertops retain their beauty for years to come.

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We take the durability of the exterior concrete overlay and bring it indoors to create a seamless shower that resembles any tile, pattern or color. We remove the existing tub/shower to make room for your attractive and resilient walk-in shower. The showers are slightly textured to create a slip-resistant surface, yet sealed to remain easy to clean.

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